I'm proud to present you some of the latest software-projects I am working on.

Stable release builds of the software can be downloaded either from or

However, on one hand I set a high priority on software-stability, which is the reason why only stable release builds can be downloaded as binary packages from above, and on the other hand some of the projects are still in a beta-phase or even under active development and therefore cannot be found among the download-links.

Nevertheless, more advanced users can always check out the latest snapshot from the source repositories (svn) that can be found here:

In the future I might possibly add a nightly build feature - yet this is at this time no task of high priority.

  • ColorTool ColorTool

  • NetScanix NetScanix

  • Angry-Birds Installer for Linux Angry Birds installer
    for Linux
  • BurnDvdVideo

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  • Unified Distro-Package Installer-Wizard Unified Distro-Package
  • Pdf2Rss Pdf-2-Rss

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  • SaveMyMail SaveMyMail - eMail
    Archiving for the Masses!
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