A Genius Universalis

As long as I can think, I am fascinated by technology and innovation.
The wish of being able to fly - that probably everyone dreams of sometimes - aroused a passion in me and at the age of just 17 years I successfully gained a pilot license for several single engined airplanes.

Unfortunately, the high cost of this hobby didn't allow me to gather the necessary minimum-amount of flying-hours to keep the licence upright. Nevertheless, even today I still feel much dedication to flying.

Beside my exciting profession, arts and flying, my life is constantly enriched by the time I spend with friends, the luxury of a glass of good (red) wine, a cold beer, the enjoyment of a leisure cigar-smoking as a special exception, travelling and my terrible addiction to coffee...

More Magical Skills

  • Flying Flying, Travelling
  • Music Writer, Pianist
  • Life Coffee and Friends